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Sparks Will Fly

Healthy Fridge

What problem are you trying to solve?

There are approximately 300 million obese people in the world and if it included people with overweight be talking about a billion people.
Obesity and overweight are defined as abnormal or excessive accumulation of fat that can be harmful to health. Being obese means a decrease in life expectancy of at least 7 years, which increases to 14 if you are a smoker snuff. This problem has grown over the years, both in developed and developing countries.
The main reasons for this problem are characterized by:
• A high power loss.
• Reduced physical activity
• Sedentary Lifestyle
• Elimination of smoking

Forbes has conducted a detailed statistical data on individuals over 15 years, based on measures of weight and height. The United States is the first Western country that appears in the ranking, occupying the ninth place with 74.1 percent of the population considered obese.

What is your proposed solution to the problem?

Because the factors that promote obesity in an individual are poor diet and inactivity, Healthy Fridge, a smart refrigerator, will monitor the obese subject in question, which will report the amount of calories consumed and exercise done in the day. But, how can the Healthy Fridge to follow when the subject is not at home? To this end, the subject must carry a Bluetooth digital clock (supplied with the Healthy Fridge) through which RFID technology will continue to monitor the food we consume the subject, like the clock will register a constant heart rate and blood pressure of the subject conducted to detect any physical activity during the day and the Healthy Fridge can make an estimate of how many calories burned on the subject during the day. Healthy Fridge proposes users a balanced diet according to the user's lifestyle, auto-supply store online.

Why would the solution be best implemented as an embedded solution?

Main features of the Healthy Fridge:
• Touch screen for easy use
• Biometric fingerprint reader to display information for users, and block the opening of doors for hours for each user.
• RFID readers to detect the consumption of food and supplies to apply online stores, according to a specific diet for each user
• Internet connection (Wireless / Ethernet) to a database that provides the user with recipes for basic subsistence and appropriate to their daily lives, in addition to proposing basic exercises to encourage physical activity.
• Bluetooth connection to synchronize the data from the user's clock and other devices
• Direct connection to a telephone emergency line in case of pressure too high / low or heart attack of the subject, giving the exact location where he is
• User friendly interface, dynamic and intelligent to show through the graphical user tracking and highlight their improvements according to the diet proposed by the system

For all these needs and achieve a Healthy Fridge affordable to the majority of the public VIA Artigo embedded device platform is a very viable option.